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Save 10% (and sometimes more) when placing your order online.
Yes!  We appreciate you taking the time to place your order online through our MRBUTTERFLIES.COM website. Use the coupon code Save10today to save 10% on all packages sold on our MrButterflies website. Find out how much more you can save by visiting



MrButterflies offers discounts to Veterans and their families.

Funeralbutterfly.com aka Mr Butterflies is owned and operated by Veterans. Whether you served in the Air Force, the Army, the Coast Guard, the Navy or as a Marine, we support those who have sacrificed for our country. We offer special discounts to veterans and their families. Please contact us 561-313-1450 to find out what discount you qualify for.


Use coupons to save money on your order of live monarch butterflies.

We have professional Discounts. If you are a funeral director or professional planning to provide our service for your clients or plan to provide this service in the future, Please call to set up your account.


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