Butterfly Release FAQ

Do you guarantee your butterflies?
Yes!  We guarantee that the butterflies you order from Added Touch Celebration, Inc. will arrive in time for the butterfly funeral or special event and that your butterflies will be alive and able to take flight or we will give you a refund.  Should a refund be required, simply return the butterflies in their original packaging within 10 days of the shipping date and we will refund for those returned.
Please note:  We always include at least one extra butterfly per order, so that in the unusual event that one would perish during shipping you will still have all that you ordered.  We ship your butterflies via overnight delivery to arrive the day before your event and require that someone be at the shipping address to receive the Butterflies.  Should your butterflies be damage during shipping, please call us immediately so that we can attempt to replace your order. (Please note: If the original order is not returned you may be charged for both orders.)
If the package does not arrive in time for the event or in good condition due to shipping errors (they do happen occasionally) I will refund your money for returned Butterflies only if you contact Added Touch Celebration, Inc at 561-313-1450 within 90 minutes of the carrier’s committed delivery time. Often the shippers can correct their mistake if notified early in the day. If no attempt has been made to contact me, no refund will be made. (I will e-mail you the shipping information--carrier, tracking number and delivery commitment time on the day that we ship, please have this information available when you contact me.) Please remember the package may arrive at any time prior to the commitment time.
Important:  Added Touch Celebration, Inc
will not issue a refund under any circumstance unless the expired butterflies themselves are physically sent back to Added Touch Celebration, Inc at 6100 Southern Road South, West Palm Beach, FL 33415 within 10 days of the event.
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How does a Butterfly Release Work?
After you place your order with Added Touch Celebration, Inc. either online or by phone you will be sent Confirmation by E-mail within 48 hours.  Please review the information on your confirmation e-mail and verify that all information is correct.
We will ship fully developed Butterflies via Overnight Express to arrive the Day before the Memorial, Funeral or special Event.  The Butterflies will be resting soundly in the cool environment inside the insulated cooler designed especially to protect them during shipping. Each Farm-raised Butterfly is fed just prior to packaging and will be ready to take flight at just the right time.
Your responsibility will be to examine the Butterflies upon their arrival and then store the butterflies in a cool dark environment until it is time for their release.
To have an Individual Butterfly Release:
The envelopes containing the butterflies will be passed out to your participating guests at an appropriate time.  Then at the time of your choosing, your guest will open their Butterfly Release envelopes and the vibrant Butterflies will emerge and fill the sky with color.
If you prefer to do a mass release:
Our Accordion Style Mass Release box DOES NOT require transferring Butterflies.  For all other Mass Release containers your Butterflies will need to be transferred. Please take a look at our customer care instructions to learn how to safely transfer Monarch Butterflies.
There is no need to worry ...
Each Farm-raised butterfly is fed and exercised just prior to packaging and will be eager to fly when released.  All we ask is that you keep your Butterflies in a cool dark place until just prior to your Butterfly Release.
Full instructions specific to your Butterfly Release plans will be included with the shipment.

How do I order my Butterflies?
You may order online or by phone.  Please, call to check availability if your event is in the next seven days. 
When should I order my Butterflies?
We reserve your butterflies by availability on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment it would be best to order your butterflies about two months prior to your event. However, we can usually accommodate late and last minute orders.
What if I need to change my order?
We will do everything that we can to accommodate any changes that you may have in your plans. If there is a change in your plans please call us as soon as possible, so that we can better work with you. If you need to cancel your order, we will give you a refund minus a 10% handling charge, as long as you cancel your order at least 2 weeks before your event. In the event that it be forecasted that the weather in your area will be too cold (below 60 degrees Fahrenheit) for a butterfly release we will also give you a refund, as long as you inform us at least four days prior to your event date.

How many butterflies should I order?

This depends on the presentation that you desire. When passing the Butterflies out for guests to release one per participant will be required.  When doing a mass release the average order is around 1 butterfly for every two guests. If you are planning to display your butterflies, you will need to consider the size of the enclosure that you are using.
When can I release my butterflies?
There should be at least an hour of daylight left. This will allow sufficient time for them to nectar (eat) and find a safe place to hide for the night. The temperature needs to be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Monarch Butterflies will not take flight if their body temperature is below 60 degrees. If the temperature takes a slight dip you can still have your butterfly release. Simply you’re your butterflies indoors above 70 degrees until you release them.  Hold your release in an area protected from the wind, or they will quickly disappear! A sunny, warm, flower-filled area or garden is best. The butterflies' first flight is usually very short, and they will instinctively fly toward the brightest object -- this is often people wearing bright colors -- or towards flowers and bouquets.

How do you ship your butterflies?
All of our butterflies are hand fed and put into individual glassine envelopes. We then place them in an insulated shipping box with a "cold pack". The cold dark climate within the box puts the butterflies into a sleep like state. While they are resting we ship them via overnight delivery.

How do I care for my butterflies?

Your butterflies need to be kept away from heat, so it is important that someone is home to receive the butterflies. It is also critical that you keep them in a cool environment until it is time for their release. Your butterflies have been fed just prior to shipping and will not require feeding prior to their release.  When they arrive, simply examine them for damage that may have occurred during shipping (notify Added Touch Celebration, Inc immediately if you find a problem), then place the lid back on the cooler and keep the butterflies in a cool dark place.  A list of helpful hints and further instructions on the care of your butterflies will accompany your order. If it is necessary to transfer your butterflies we will send you clear and concise instructions.
How long do the Monarch Butterflies live?
Monarch Butterflies normally live from 2-4 weeks as an Adult Monarch. However, over wintering Monarch Butterflies can live up to 8 or 9 months!
How do Live Butterflies survive when boxed up?
The cool temperature in the shipping box puts the butterflies into a restful and comfortable sleep like state. While in this simulated "over wintering" state they do not need to eat and require very little air.
How does temperature affect Monarch Butterflies?
Since Butterflies are "cold-blooded" animals, when they are cold, they are slow and unresponsive. As Butterflies warm up they become active and readily take flight. The minimum temperature for Monarch Butterflies to take flight is 60 degrees, so it needs to be warm to have a Butterfly Release!
What happens to the Butterflies after the Butterfly Release?
The Butterflies will go out in search of nectar plants on which the will feed.  Monarch Butterflies are migratory and have the ability to travel thousands of miles. They will search out Milkweed, which is their host plant, and go about their business of reproduction.  Monarch Butterflies that are released in the fall will migrate to various over-wintering sites, and possibly return in the spring.
Do Monarch Butterflies stay around after the release?
Yes! Hand raised Monarch Butterflies are very friendly. They aren't preyed upon as much as other Butterflies because their bodies contain toxins that may make potential predators sick. They interact well with people. A Monarch Butterfly may even let you pick him up.
How can I get good photos of Live Butterflies?
Butterflies are cold-blooded animals and thus become slow and docile when their body temperature gets below 60 degrees F.  By placing the Butterflies still in their boxes into the refrigerator for 20 minutes you can bring down their body temperature sufficiently to slow their reactions and movement.  The Butterflies can then be place onto wedding bouquets, wedding gowns, or where ever you desire. You will have about 20 seconds to snap you photo before the butterflies will become active enough to fly.  As the Butterflies warm up, they will slowly open and close their wings creating an ideal opportunity for pictures,


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